About Us

As a consumer of market research, Odell Coleman had noticed the need for customized solutions to address sales and marketing problems and opportunities — along with the need for strong data visualization to ensure companies could digest and implement market research findings efficiently.

FlameIn 2004, Odell founded ColemanWick to address these needs. Since then, ColemanWick has remained devoted to finding the most meaningful data for clients in order uncover valuable insight and actionable recommendations.

ColemanWick marries market research with analytics in a way that tells a custom-built story for a company — framing the findings in a realistic and relevant context. As a full-service market research and data analytics firm, we’re committed to providing our clients with data-driven insight that will give them the tools to thrive in their industry.

Over time, the ColemanWick team perfected this proprietary process, which we call WickEQ: it closely examines our clients’ external and internal factors to determine the optimal market research and analytic solution. The findings provided by ColemanWick act as a spark that ignites our clients’ companies to a new direction guided by wiser strategic decisions. Because every company is unique, we won’t ever try to sell you a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we will analyze your organization and your markets to provide a customized, scalable strategy that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

Whether through a single project or in a long-term partnership, the enduring mission of ColemanWick is to help our clients build a data-centric organization. At ColemanWick, we take a vested interest in the long-term success of each of our clients. Your success is our success. We don’t just hand you the data and walk away; we’ll guide you through it and give you strategic recommendations that you can implement and execute. As a partner, we’re interested in helping your organization achieve its goals.

If you’re curious about how customized and scalable market research and data analytics can take your company to new heights, don’t hesitate to contact us. The ColemanWick team will show you how we can work together to attain results you can actually observe, measure, and track.