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The foundation for our customer acquisition and retention products is our proprietary DataFrame. The driving principle behind our DataFrame is based on the Pareto Principle: 80 percent of your customer insights will come from 20 percent of the customer data. CW integrates exploratory analytics (20 percent) and VoC (80 percent) to provide an optimized and effective approach to a marketing problem or opportunity. 

Marketing analytics alone does not tell the entire story, however. Understanding why and how customers make purchase decisions can be a challenge that cannot be addressed with just numbers. Enter VoC. One-on-one interviews, online focus groups reveal why customers make purchase decisions – and, when combined with sophisticated analytics, provides a holistic approach to understanding the true nature of customers.

By combining ground-breaking analytics with smart, insightful qualitative insights, our DataFrame provides unsurpassed clarity and insights on your entire customer base.. We are so confident in our processes and outcomes, our products come with a money-back guarantee.