Consumer Goods Company

A $225 million manufacturer of lighting fixtures and equipment, based in the Midwest, wanted to sell its fixtures directly to consumers, rather than relying on traditional distribution through retailers.  ColemanWick analyzed 3 years of sales data to segment, create customer personas, and calculate customer lifetime value to each segment. Through this process, the company was able to optimize its sales efforts to focus on the segments with the highest profitability and loyalty 

Large Healthcare System

A billion dollar non-profit healthcare provider in Ohio was seeking to expand its operating footprint by providing healthcare to individuals who are underinsured, are Medicaid/Medicare recipients or have no insurance at all. In addition, this healthcare provider was concerned that their organization’s name may have been deterring or confusing potential customers. ColemanWick was tasked with determining why potential patients were not becoming patients and discovering the best customer acquisition strategies to reach current and potential patients.

Mid-Market Manufacturing Company

A $50 million manufacturer of labels based in the Midwest, with a 40 person sales team wanted to identify the most efficient target customer opportunities. ColemanWick conducted analyzed existing sales data and used the findings to understand purchasing behaviors among current customers. Through this process we were able to identify the highest margin customers.

Arts and Cultural Institution 

A multi-million dollar museum was exploring ways in which it could attract more participants from adjacent counties. The museum decided to launch a geographically concentrated advertising campaign and asked ColemanWick to test perceptions, barriers and opportunities before and after the campaign to  to determine the campaign’s effectiveness and to optimize their marketing efforts in the future.

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