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Taking the Calculated Risk without Product Market Fit

There is a distinct difference between inexperienced skydivers who take a tandem jump, where they jump strapped in with a professional skydiver, and if someone strolled up to the airplane, strapped themselves in and tried to propel themselves into the sky on their own.

The difference is that one is a calculated risk and one is, well, a dangerous risk. At ColemanWick, we like to think of ourselves as your personal skydiving instructor.

While some may look to skydiving in general as an unnecessary risk, adventure seekers know the importance of the calculated risk when going after a thrill or passion. During a tandem jump, the instructor takes the reins and guides you from exiting the airplane to landing on the ground while you get to enjoy the ride. If you try to take the jump alone, you must be an expert – including preparing and testing your equipment, remembering the safest way to jump, when to pull the parachute string – to ensure your risk pans out.

Tandem skydiving is still an adventure, but a guided one. There is a greatness in going after what you want and not putting your passions on hold, however, taking a guided approach is a calculated risk. Take the time to make it worth your while.

In my experience, companies that are intent on growing realize they want the benefits, but are interested in minimizing their risk. The best companies value their partners as an instructor or advisor to mitigate that risk.

Taking a blindfolded plunge is one way to go about it, however, learning the market is a calculated risk that will yield a better end result. It is best to still go after what you want, just after you have a plan in place and research your way to the best outcome.

Let the research experts at ColemanWick pack your parachute and pull the string, while you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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